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Literary Translation 2: Editing and Publishing

Sat 21st Apr '18 - 11:00 - 14:30

1. The translation seminar led by Alexandra Borisenko and Victor Sonkin has been held at the Moscow State University for 20 years. In January 2018, we have successfully led our first sessions in London. This time we would like to prepare some texts translated from Russian for publication.

2. Our group should consist of no more than ten people, whose goal would be to translate and edit Russian short stories. All participants should be able to translate into English (i. e. to be native or very near-native English speakers). Our project will benefit from bilingual environment, since the translations are supposed to be thoroughly reviewed and checked by participants with native or near-native Russian skills.

3. We will offer the group a number of short stories by Linor Goralik (and possibly Lev Rubinstein) in advance. (The stories belong to the ‘short short story’ genre, they are usually really quite short.) Every participant will have to choose two texts (and claim them in our email group on the ‘first come, first served’ basis).

4. We will also send one text which will be translated by everyone — to test the method, to see the benefits and problems each of the participants might have, to understand that a text could look quite different in translation. Everyone should come to the class with three translated texts (two ‘personal’, one ‘common’).

5. The first class will be dedicated to possible formats of publication, to the requirements that the format would impose on our translations, to discussions about our authors (1 hour), to sorting out the text translated by everyone (1 hour); finally, we will begin working on individual assignments (1 hour).

6. The second class will be dedicated exclusively to editing the texts. We want to prepare them for online publication with the idea of publishing them on paper as well later and participating in reading sessions when Goralik (and Rubinstein) come to London.

7. There will be email follow-up to finalize the project.

8. The goal of the seminar is to teach students how to prepare their translations for publication.



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