Russia and the Nineties


Dubov has been in the front row of challenging events for Russia. From the political to the personal, his business venture and subsequent conflict with law are a telling story. He has published books and essays, with Big Cut a controversial bestseller, and contributed to anthologies.

The story around his good friend and business partner, once among the richest and best connected men in Russia, has been made into the 2002 Russian movie Tycoon: A New Russian (Russian: Олигарх)

New Russian Books, part 1

Modern Russian literature remains largely unknown in the UK. With few exceptions like Boris Akunin, British readers still read and discuss Russian masters and the Soviet era authors. Is there a next Tolstoy writing in the present day Russia? What is the new face of Russian literature? How Russian history, life and mentality are all portrayed in new Russian prose? Which authors are popular amongst readers and which are the critics’ favourite and why?

In his talk titled NEW RUSSIAN BOOKS, author and blogger Grigory Ryzhakov answers such questions and presents his new book, The Reader’s Mini-Guide to Modern Russian Literature.

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New Russian Books, part 2

About the speaker:

Grigory (a.k.a Grisha) Ryzhakov is an Oxford-based scientist and author, who grew up in the Siberian Far East. He later travelled thousands of miles to vibrant London, on the way collecting his MSc degree in biochemistry at Moscow State University and a PhD in molecular biology at Cambridge University.

Grigory has been promoting Russian literature in the English-speaking world via his blog and public events. He’s talked on Russian books at Moscow and London Book Fairs and the last year’s International Congress of Translators of Russian Literature. He’s also been interviewed by media outlets including RIA Novosti, Russia Beyond The Headlines and various blogs.

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Vera & Kristin – Pushkin House

Among the most eminent and well-known poets of Russia today, Vera Pavlova visits London for a double bill, made possible by Russian Poets Fund. Here we are guests in Pushkin House, where this light-hearted selection is recited in a ‘duet’ with our resident talent, Kristin Milward.

Full event description on the Pushkin House webspace!

THE RATCATCHER at Pushkin House

Marina Tsvetaeva’s

narrative poem The Ratcatcher (Krysolov) is
placed at the summit of Russian poetry of the 20th century.
‘No praise is high enough for the miracle that it is’ wrote Boris Pasternak.

Using the bare bones of what English readers know as the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, it is a vehement satire on the search for material prosperity. According to its canonical English translator Angela Livingstone ‘it must be the angriest celebration of music ever written’


Valentina Polukhina

Angela Livingstone

Larissa Itina

Kristin Milward

Malcolm Ward

Stephen Omer

Jeremy Browne and

Richard Evans.

Sands Films introduction

Excerpt from our first evening with Sands Films cinema, screening Losnicas documentary movie Blockade. Olivier speaks about the price of good cinema and the cost of artistic freedom, and how a good screening wants a topic, a talk and friends along with the show.