Our Principle

ARCC aims to

introduce Russian-speaking, UK and European artists and scholars from a trans-cultural perspective. We encourage our members and audiences to move away from revivalist narratives of origin, nation, and belonging and to reflect critically on vicissitudes of history and art in Russian-speaking space – both inside and outside Russia. We emphasise interconnectedness and complexity of experiences that shape individual and collective imaginaries and the importance of a continuous scholarly and artistic dialogue.

All our events

are not merely educational; they are designed to create interactive, participatory experience for the attendees. Most presenters use multimedia (e.g a literary discussion can involve music and film, a film or animation can be accompanied by live music) and involve the public in informal discussions. We modify the format of our events to make them accessible to a variety of audiences. The programmes that target primarily UK audiences (e.g. Soviet and Russian film-making, music or arts, round tables on controversial issues) are presented in English or are interpreted; others (poetry readings) may be conducted exclusively in Russian or in English. ARCC programming strives to create a balance between the theatrical and the critical in its events.


British audiences interested in learning about Russian culture beyond headlines and clichés, UK and International students, Russian-speaking expats and heritage speakers who are interested in constructing and maintaining meaningful relations with their heritage culture.