The high Art of low Voices. The chapter I. Maria Gulik

У вас есть шанс подсмотреть за работой музыкантов: приготовления к концерту в пятницу, в котором Мария Гулик и Аршак Кузикян под аккомпонимент Алексея Демченко будут исполнять и редкие, и очень знаменитые произведения русской и европейской классической музыки. В программе ARCC “The high Art of low Voices”: Моцарт, Верди, Бизе, Муссоргский, Чайковский, Рахманинов и Щедрин.
Концерт состоится 27 октября 2017 в 19:45, в St. James’s Sussex Gardens.

You have a chance to peek at the rehearsal: Maria Gulik, accompanied by Alexei Demchenko, is preparing for the concert on Friday, sponsored by ARCC, where she and Arshak Kuzikyanis will be performing wonderful pieces, some of which are rare, the others are well known, by Mozart, Verdi, Bizet, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Shchedrin in the programme “The high Art of low Voices”.
The concert will take place on 27 October at 7:45 pm at St. James’s Sussex Gardens.

Фильм: Саша Михайлова!

Filmed by Sasha Mihailova.


Russian music in Brunel Shaft

ARCC Anglo Russian culture club starts a series of four concerts in the most unusual place in London, here:

The first concert comes very soon:

Thursday 2 March 7:30 pm

Maria Gulik, mezzo, and Victor Maslov, pianist

Concert program:

Victor Maslov: Rachmaninov. 8 Etudes-Tableaux, Opus33

Maria Gulik and Victor Maslov:

Mussorgsky The Songs and Dances of Death

Mussorgsky Arias from Khovanshina, arranged by Shostakovich

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Shostakovich – From Jewish Folk Poetry

View the
music recording
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introduction here.

After his fearsome 1948 condemnation at the hands of the Union of Composers and Stalin’s ‘cultural’ henchman Andrey Zhdanov, Shostakovich was understandably careful about what he composed next and what he revealed in public. His position was undoubtedly dangerous. In the autumn of the same year he compiled a strikingly unusual  song-cycle for three singers and piano: the texts were taken from a collection of Russian translations of Jewish lyrics, mostly originally in Yiddish but one or two Hebrew or Russian; the melodies he created were original but closely related to the style of ‘klezmer’ music which Shostakovich knew and loved. The ensemble of three singers gives almost the feeling of a chamber opera.

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Maria Gulik & Aleksei Demchenko

Maria Gulik has been the voice to many outstanding productions. From an award-winning performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream with the Royal Shakespeare Company, to ongoing work with the Baryshnikov Arts Centre, roles in pieces by Tchaikovsky, Verdi and Benjamin Britten.. You may also want to see her in Verdis Requiem later this spring. Both her own career and that of her pianist on our evening would require their own newsletter.

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