Of Russian poetry today – Dmitry Kuzmin

Of Russian poetry today— tendencies and projects (English spoken, some verses in Russian) Dmitry Kuzmin was born in 1968 in Moscow. He taught poetry and literary translation in universities including Princeton and founded the Vavilon Union of Young Poets, which was the organizational hub for Moscow’s experimental poetry scene. He is head of ARGO­RISK Publishers … Continue reading “Of Russian poetry today – Dmitry Kuzmin”

Dear Friends! ARCC is 2 years old now. WOW! There are years being for us really intensive!

These words were meant to remember with gratitude all of those who helped us! Alexander Rappaport Alena van der Horst Oleg Dozmorov Natasha Rubinstein Ludmila Razumova Mitya Bossky Mihail Soloveichik Svetlana Sapognikova Adam Feistein Maria Gulik Arshak Kuzikian, Alexey Demchenko Fiona Sampson Mihail Umanetz Kristin Milward Richard Evans David Neita Polina Proutckova Anna Zadenec Oleg … Continue reading “Dear Friends! ARCC is 2 years old now. WOW! There are years being for us really intensive!”

Summer Break! Here’s to new beginnings.

The first half of year 2016 was very successful. We invited wonderful poets from Russia and England, like Dmitry Vodennikov, Dmitrij Kuzmin, Dmitrij Vedenyapin, Maria Stepanova, Lev Rubinstein, Fiona Sampson, and Mario Petrucci for readings and conversation;

Dmitrij Vodennikov: I like verses, that resemble a train – Мне нравятся стихи, что на трамвай похожи

“Стихи – это всегда единое поле. Твои стихи не берутся из ниоткуда. Они пришли из чужих стихов и чужих голосов. Ты – это калейдоскоп чужих текстов. Об этом надо помнить всегда. И быть благодарным. Без другого не было бы тебя.”