ARCC Quarantene Zooming: Project Homo ZOOMus, Человек раZOOMный

Dear friends,

As you may remember, the ARCC took off as a series of informal conversations with our friends, then quickly outgrew physical and intellectual dimensions of my kitchen, and ended up hosting theatre, literature, film, and art events in multiple locations. We took pride in presenting not only our famous contemporaries, but also less known 20th century writers, thinkers, and film directors. Little did we know that the art of bridging space and time and making the distant accessible and relatable, would soon become such a necessary skill.

Since the beginning of the unprecedented lockdown in March 2020, we launched a new online project «Человек раZOOMny» – Homo Zoomus (человек разумный stands for homo sapiens). The project features a series of talks and interviews with artists, doctors, mathematicians, actors, and just friends on Zoom. Unlike most of our events, these conversations revolve around the current moment; they attempt to capture subjective experiences of people who live and create during the time of Covid-19 pandemics. Some of the talks include poetry readings or art installations (.examples here…) while others provide poignant or humorous accounts of togetherness in isolation. In an attempt to create raw chronicles of the moment, we do very little editing. Please join us. Наташа Раппопорт Миша Соловейчик Михаил Эпштейн Ольга Городецкая Денис Драгунский Катя Марголис Владимир (Вадик) Паперный и Клем Сесиль Татьяна Вольтская Борис Равдин Дмитрий Веденяпин Галя Блейх и ее мама Ирина Залмановна Александр Мелихов Гасан Гусейнов Наташа Рубинштейн & Борис Рагинский Кристин Милворд Илья Левин и Наташа Митлина      Никита Елисеев

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