Here was Rome

Рим золотой,
обитель богов,
меж градами первый

Victor Sonkin, the author of this prize-winning guidebook to Ancient Rome, will talk about the everyday details of ancient Roman life, concentrating on (sometimes deceptively) simple questions of what the ancient Romans ate and drank for supper and how they calculated time. An authority on this culture, with public appearances from education, to television, and ship cruises, he makes the layers and quirks of history amusing, as much as his treatment is informative and in-depth.

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This book originated at a junction of the two main hobbies of the author – antiquity and travel. It can be read as a guide, but also as a story about one of the most significant places on earth.

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The author tried to follow in the footsteps of enlightened Amateurs who are in love with the Eternal city, Goethe, Byron, Gogol, Dickens, Mark Twain, Pavel Muratov, Peter Weil. The capital of the powerful popes, the pearl of the Renaissance and Baroque, the city of Michelangelo and Bernini will shine through almost every page – the main threads, however, are of ancient days, the city of Romulus, Caesar and Nero.

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