MY GOOD HANS – 2015, Mindadze

Screening and talk with the director

German with English subtitles. Q&A in Russian, English translation.

It is the spring of 1941. German engineer Hans and his colleagues arrive at a USSR glass manufacturing factory. The Soviet Union is to deliver raw materials to Germany – in exchange for the latest industrial machinery and technologies. It quickly becomes apparent this is not the whole story and both sides have the foreboding of things to come. Yet they meet as people and become friends.

Alexander Mindadze shows the intimate stories drawn down into those waves of history. As the plot unravels, we see Hans in the role of a conqueror, looking on through the lense of his own making. But what he sees does not seem real, and the shadows of old secrets begin to cloud his vision. A story of the perturbation of a man who does not realise what is happening with him.

A partner project of UK, Germany and Russia, this movie is the pièce de résistance of this acclaimed and prolific writer, director & producer. 124 minutes – German, with English subtitles. The screening will be followed by a Q and A session with Mindadze (in Russian, with translation.) The entry fee we charge this time, as an exception, helps towards covering his journey to the UK. Kindly RSVP – seating is limited.





Nika Award
from the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts
for best film and best screenplay

White Elephant Award
from the Russian Guild of Film Critics
for best director, best film and best screenplay          

Golden Eagle Award
from the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia
for best screenplay

Best narrative feature film, Chicago film festival



Scriptwriter, director, producer

2015 My Good Hans (Moscow IFF, 2015, Hamburg IFF, Chicago, Rotterdam, 2015)

2011 Innocent Saturday (Berlin IFF, Brussel, 2011)

Scriptwriter, director

2015 My Good Hans (Moscow IFF, 2015, Hamburg IFF, Chicago, Rotterdam, 2015)

2011 Innocent Saturday (Berlin IFF, Brussel, 2011)

2007 Soar (IFF in Venice, Critic’s week, 2007)



2015 My Good Hans

2011 Innocent Saturday

2007 Soar

2009 Minnesota

2005 Dreaming of space

2003 Trio

2003 Magnetic Storms

1997 Time of a dancer

1995 A Play for a Passenger

1991 Armavir

1988 The Servant

1986 Plumbum, or The Dangerous Game

1984 Parade of the Planets

1982 The Train Has Stopped

1980 A Fox Hunt

1978 The turning point

1976 Speech for the Defense

1976 Spring Selection

1971 The return of the boat (short)

1971 The task (short)

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