Summer Break! Here’s to new beginnings.

The first half of year 2016 was very successful.

We invited wonderful poets from Russia and England, like Dmitry VodennikovDmitrij KuzminDmitrij VedenyapinMaria StepanovaLev RubinsteinFiona Sampson, and Mario Petrucci for readings and conversation;

Natasha Rubinstein started her seminar about Soviet and Russian literature of the second half of 20th century with an evening about Andrey Sinyavsky; we had some some interesting conversations with people of different professions like writer Yulij Dubov, prof. of mathematics Anatoly Moiseevich Vershik, maths historian Vyacheslav Gerovich,  journalist Yuri Veksler,and more; we met Marianna Roshal, a woman with an incredible biography, we have advanced and repeated a performance of the Ratcatcher.

Our new introduction to the club.
Work in progress!


We showed many interesting films, like Kozintsev’s Shakespeare adaptations, in the lovely Sands Films cinema; we continued our series of musical events with a concert of Maria Gulik – a voice that went on to delight venues like the Royal Albert Hall – and Alexey Demchenko, with Wagner, Schumann and the Romances of Tchaikovsky.

We have worked together with Sands Films, the Russian Poetry Foundation, Open Russia and Pushkin House, along with some other venues and organisers, meeting a lot of new friends and like minded people on the way. We are going to use this summer time-out in order to make plans for the rest of 2016 and further on, as well as to improve our internet presentation and interaction with you.We’ll develop the branches we have started already – conversation with interesting people, seminars about literature, multilingual readings, film screenings with introductions and discussions. We also have some very interesting ideas about new projects. Let’s discuss them and bring them into being! We need your support!

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