Dmitry Vedenyapin – Poems and conversations

Извините за то,
Что я к вам обращаюсь,
Просто я долго ль, коротко ль

Это я не к тому,
Чтобы вас тут разжалобить,
просто Есть такая история,
Братья и сёстры:
Обруч плыл золотой
По морям без конца и начала,
А одна черепаха всплыла и слепой головой —
Бац! — в него-то как раз и попала.

Да… О чём это я?..
Вот забыл, извините, конечно…
Вспомнил! Льётся фарфоровый свет
На бесхозные вещи,
Осеняя террасу, сарай,
Озаряя дорогу…
Так что ад — тоже, может быть, рай,
Слава Богу.

Event chaired by Antony Wood.
In English, some poems in Russian.

A brief history of Russian poetry – 

a highway of discoveries


Dmitry Vedenyapin was born in 1959, in Moscow. He is a graduate of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. During the Soviet era his works were only published outside the USSR. Since then Vedenyapin has been published in numerous magazines including “Oktyabr”, « Novy mir», “Znamya”, “Novaya Yunost”, “Postscriptum”, and many others. Vedenyapin is the author of six poetry collections. He won the Big Moscow Score Poetry Prize in 2010 for the book “Mezhdu shkafom i nebom” (“Between the Wardrobe and the Sky”). In 2011 Dmitry was granted a Fellowship with the Brodsky Foundation. Many of Vedenyapin’s poems have been translated into English.

The other important part of Vedenyapin’s work is translation. He is widely recognized as a translator of both poetry and fiction from English (Michael Cunningham, Bruce Chatwin, Arthur Miller, etc.), French and German.

Antony Wood is Publisher of Angel Classics, devoted to new translations. His own translations of Pushkin’s verse have appeared in the UK and USA. His Comedy of Tsar Boris and Grishka Otrepiev was produced at the Berlind Theatre, Princeton in 2007, and Mozart and Salieri on Radio 3 in 1982 with Paul Scofield and Simon Callow.

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