An evening with Fiona

(…) the word lying below it
waiting to be spoken you can’t
quite make it out what is it
humming all day out of hearing.


Fiona Sampson


pursues a profound and globally engaged tenure in contemporary writing. She discusses her life in translation, editing and literary criticism with Ludmila Razumova and Larissa Itina.


We look into the context of this practice – ancestry and future movements – what poetry is, what makes a poet – and explore its relations with music, politics, the health of the soul. She investigates the influences of vernacular progress on contemporary British and Russian poetry. The reading part of our evening is a metamorphosis of its own – she chooses a new language for each of her works. Her new book ‘The Catch’ is about happiness. Fresh off the press last month, you can read its review


in the Independent or the London Magazine


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