Andrei Sinyavsky and the legacy of Soviet Dissident


“Historians now have no difficulty pinpointing the birth of the modern Soviet dissident movement. It began in February 1966 with the trial of Andrei Sinyavsky and Yuli Daniel, two Russian writers who ridiculed the Communist regime in satires smuggled abroad and published under pen names… Little did they realize at the time that they were starting a movement that would help end Communist rule.”

He would be 90 now, were he still alive, the notorious trial recently passed its half-century anniversary. Our friend Natalya, an independent journalist and literary critic, is an authority on his work and life. She was instrumental in several global conferences dedicated to his work, resulting in the publishing of two anthologies. She will tell us about this “first Russian postmodernist” and the social conditions around the notoriety of his case.

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