Russia and the Nineties – Julij Dubov in conversation

Три романа о грохочущих девяностых, русском бизнесе, революции и реакции, свободе и диктатуре, о победителях и побежденных.

Three novels about the roaring Nineties, Russian business, revolution and reaction, freedom and autocracy, the winners and the losers.

On our opening day for this year we welcome a guest who has spanned the roles of academia and business, political as well as literary engagement. An East-Western journey whose Nineties cataclysm is shaping the face of Russia to this day.

A recording of the event in our media section.

Dubov has been in the front row of challenging events for Russia. From the political to the personal, his business venture and subsequent conflict with law are a telling story. He has published books and essays, with Big Cut a controversial bestseller, and contributed to anthologies.

The story around his good friend and business partner, once among the richest and best connected men in Russia, has been made into the 2002 Russian movie Tycoon: A New Russian (Russian: Олигарх.)

N.Y Times review here.


Along with many of his peers, he is now in foreign exile, and with us here to unravel the history in personal notes. Lecture and debate, with translation and refreshments provided, in our classy and intimate salon at Clementi House.

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